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Scanlated English versions can often be downloaded after joining an online community that distributes scanlations.

A few doujinshi are produced in English, German, Spanish or other languages but these are rarely printed and are usually only distributed as files.

Other parts of the fandom, however, prefer the second half of the series for the addition of popular antagonist characters Mello and Near.

Another source of conflict is the "Raito"/"Light" divide.

Early scanlations translated the main character's name as Raito.

The official releases of the manga, and later scanlations, referred to him as Light.

The fandom is generally divided on the issue of the series' second half, with many fans feeling it jumped the shark and some going as far as to consider it non-canon.

A significant number of Death Note fans are known to have stopped reading/watching entirely after the first half of the series ended.

Two notes were found near the victim, both reading "Watashi wa Kira dess", an erroneous romanization of 私はキラです (watashi wa kira desu) which means "I am Kira." No other clues were found on or near the victim.Death Note is a manga series written by Ohba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takeshi.It was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from December 2003 until May 2006.Fresh Baked is one of the rare English-language doujinshi circles.Death Note as a series can generally be divided into two distinct halves, related to the highly spoilery departure of a major character and two new main antagonists joining the cast.

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