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This page discusses domain names and the resolution of domain name disputes by the Internet community. NET), which are available to entities in any country. The disputes that arise over domain names involve "second level" domain names.

The issue of trademark infringement on the Internet is discussed in more detail elsewhere in Bit Law. US top-level domain name, most organizations in the United States outside of state and local governments opt for one of the generic names (i.e., . For several years there have been proposals to add new generic top-level names, such as . The second level name is the name directly to the left of the top-level domain name in an Internet address.

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These clashes are challenging the law and the Internet community to develop new procedures and legal rules that adequately address the equities involved. While each of these proposals has eventually faded away, it is expected that some new top level domain names will be created within the next two years.

Here is how the 2019 cc TLD leaders currently stack up (new entries are highlighted in Only one new domain qualified for our Non .

Com g TLD YTD Top 100 Sales Chart this week but that one soared to a place among the 15 biggest sales reported in this category so far in 2019.

You can get more details on all of the week's top transactions in our latest led that trio of newcomers with their ,298 sale of #46

It currently takes a minimum of ,690 to earn a spot on this list.

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