Dating yamaha guitars by serial numbers

I’m also collecting data on Taiwan made FG’s, up to 1981. If it has the old style “Reinforced Neck” truss rod cover.

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That cover made it onto the earliest FG’s imported into the US, before changing to the familiar one.I’m also tracking the Green Label FG’s, the earliest models (1966-67) only made in Japan, that share the same pool of serial numbers.I’m looking for the transition between the Green and Red labels.Once I discovered the internal date codes I knew I could compare known 6 & 7 digit serial number/date code sets with other serial numbers and make a good guess as to when other guitars were made. I found a Japanese guy on Youtube who made videos of himself playing many early FG, and he mentioned the serial number and date code most of the time.So I started searching and asking for serial numbers and date codes and putting them in a spread sheet. He also has a website (in Japanese) dedicated to the FG-150.

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