Dating while going through divorce law

That said, New York is now a no-fault divorce state, so adulterous behavior—whether committed before or after you’ve filed for divorce—can’t be used against you in your divorce to result in a larger award of alimony.

However, if you spend money on your new relationship before a division of property has occurred, you may be on the hook for dissipation of marital assets.

But if your divorce has not been finalized, you might be apprehensive about moving forward with this person because you’ve heard that you shouldn’t date while going through the divorce process.

The truth is that you can date while finalizing a divorce – depending on your individual circumstances.

You could also end up with fewer assets or less spousal support if you are entitled to it if any marital property has been transferred to, or any money was spent on the new partner.

You’ll be less likely to make demands out of spite and more likely to be sympathetic to their requests and willing to compromise on important issues.

Below, learn about the ways that dating while your divorce is ongoing can be problematic.

Before your divorce is final, a relationship with someone other than your spouse is technically considered adultery.

Divorce can be very difficult for kids to process, and they will need time to adjust to their new reality.

Bringing a new partner into their lives too soon could hurt them emotionally.

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