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But then last summer, a very good friend shared with me how worried she was that I had resigned myself to a life of single hood.

She was convinced that I could find someone who could and would love me despite my medical challenges -- I just needed some help getting back into the game.

“Andy and I first spoke on a Tuesday night, met that Sunday and have been together every day since.

It can happen, but it's more typical for our process to work over several matches.

Hence, my initial consultation with Brenan at Boston Matchmakers.

I really didn’t think she’d be able to find anyone for me.

I also didn’t know what to make of asking someone to pair me with someone.

I’d done a couple of online dating services in previous years but abandoned them because they were frankly too much work.

It is our plan and intention to be together forever and for this we thank you Brenan and Boston Matchmakers for bringing us together. At my age you would have thought men had out grown that mentality!!! I'm happy to report that after 5 candidates, I have met the love of my life.” -- Marie “I went into my consultation with Boston Matchmakers with a great deal of skepticism and hesitation.

He called me the next day and asked me out for dinner I was reluctant at first and didn't want to appear too eager.

I told him I had plans but would meet him for a drink or appetizer.

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