Dating skills selling skills

If they object to a product, it is likely either you chose the wrong product or the customer needs more of your product knowledge to know why it is the best solution for them.That information usually comes in the form of product knowledge.This exercise allows both of you a chance to look for alternate ways to engage the shopper.Remember, it isn’t about being right or wrong as much it’s about exploring options.To make it work, you become the original salesperson and the original salesperson re-enacts what the shopper said and did.You have to be up for the challenge and open to failure yourself as sometimes there was nothing you could add.

Having a thorough understanding of the products on the shelves can allow a retailer to use different techniques and methods of presenting the product to customers.

The easiest way to become enthusiastic is to truly believe in the product.

Remember, the first sale you make is yourself; the second sale is the product.

That way you don’t skip over anything as you come up with your role-playing scenarios. The stakes are low when it is just you and the employee provided you’ve taught them well.

But many will be afraid of making a fool of themselves, so make sure you do the first few exercises totally away from shoppers.

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