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That being said, the information humans receive through olfaction is incredibly important when looking for a mate.

Through olfaction, people receive information about MCH, a complicated gene that, among other things, is a measure of genetic relatedness.

When humans experience attraction, most people are not aware of myriad biological processes driving their desire.

This paper seeks to synthesize different research on the processes behind human mate selection.

These processes, made possible through olfaction, work together to influence how humans select their mates.

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These varying ideas lead to a historically inconsistent concept of attraction.Most humans experience some form of physical attraction, yet most of the time they cannot rationally explain its cause.Attraction has become a mystery attributed to fate or luck.My research acts as a means for other scientists to discover a broader context for their work and to showcase the overarching system of olfaction that links what has traditionally been thought of as an individualized processes.In doing so, I hope to aid not only scholars but also to help the public find answers for some of the fundamental questions as to why they feel the way they do.

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