Dating muslim wont tell his family sierra faith dating coach

You and your man have to work out what works for your family. I'm married to a Moroccan man, have been for almost three years and our son is almost two.I think that you know your boyfriend better than we do after 14 months, so only you know what he would be like to live with and be married to etc.I think the fact that you said you do not even want to go back to Egypt is definitely a warning flag.If you really don't like his family and his traditional life style then that will definitely be a road block for your future.We both have to decide what things are truly important, and what things are worth letting go.It is all about compromise, just like any other marriage, but then the cultural differences definitely create even more of a need to be flexible and understanding.He is really Muslim in name only and not in lifestyle. I am still concerned about the cultural differences though.

He has lived in Europe for 10 years since he was 20 and is fairly westernised in that he drinks alcohol and doesnt pray or go the mosque etc.I don't think that the status of women in Islam has to be negative at all, in my case, I find that women are cherished, loved, and respected, more so than in many other families. We spent A LOT of time discussing our values and plans for our future long before we go married.I guess it really depends on the situation, the people, and the way they are interpreting the religion. I'm not worried as I know my DH would never limit the independence of any female child we may have.Im a non practicing Catholic but I dont particularly like the ethos of Islam especially the status of women, which would be particularly important were I to have a daughter. I'm just gonna state the obvious and say this was stuff you shoulda thought about before getting pregnant.Are there any other western moms here married/cohabiting with a Muslim Arab? But I'm sure you already know that and what's done is done.

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