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Seikos with solid casebacks (plastic, stainless steel or titanium) will have the 6-digit serial number etched in a straight line.

Those that come with glass display backs like modern Seiko 5’s have the numbers printed horizontally on the glass display back but the numbers are usually faint and difficult to read.

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The majority of Seiko watches come with solid metal casebacks (stainless steel, solid gold, gold plated or titanium) and the serial numbers are also stamped in a straight line.Why doesn’t the serial number follow the curvature of the rim?I’m not sure but I think casebacks are manufactured en masse and the individual serial numbers are stamped on later prior to packing and shipping from the factory.) 🙂You can’t really blame them for not knowing because watch sellers are in the business of selling watches, period.From my experience many Seiko dealers aren’t watch enthusiasts themselves.

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