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He began to question humanity itself and soon disappeared taking The Black Chapter with him.

Only three of the seven are seen, while a fourth is described, they are: Before dying, Sensui states that he longed to have demon heritage, that he created the portal so that he could die in the Demon Plane, and wishes that he be reincarnated as a demon. He anticipated Sensui's madness before it began, based on the quality of his pure soul, and looked forward to watching him sink into despair at the horrors he was unable to rationalize.

Itsuki is one of Togashi's favorite characters, the author saying after the series ended that he wishes he had been able to expand on the character's twisted psyche.

His Doctor ability allows him to use his hands like scalpels, reattach limbs and create and infect people within his territory with an aura virus.

After marking his enemy with targets, these objects will zero in on them without fail.

While trying to stop Yusuke from following Sensui and company, Hagiri is seemingly killed by Hiei.

The younger Toguro brother known as Otōto Toguro and more with his lover and friend Genkai and his older brother Ani Toguro they won the. Anyhoo, Do you think Toguro actually had feelings for Genkai ?

It was obvious from the flashbacks that he was obsessed.

With the prospect of a rematch, he trained and improved, but so did Toguro.The Yu Yu Hakusho manga series features a diverse cast of fictional characters created by ..Now of no use to him, Toguro kills Genkai the day before the finals.Enraged by this, Soulburner decides to cast aside the trauma caused by the Lost Incident, and the sadness he felt after losing Flame.With all his doubts gone, Soulburner summons a mighty conflagration to his right hand and fights against Varis with everything he’s got. Badland Brawl • Clash Royale • Duel Masters • Electro Girl • Eternal • Girls X Battle • GWENT: The Witcher Card Game • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft • Kaijudo • Legend of Minerva • Legend of the Cryptids • Magic: The Gathering • Magic: The Gathering Arena • Order & Chaos Duels • Rage of Bahamut • Shadowverse • Smash Up • Valkyrie Crusade • Yu-Gi-Oh!

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