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This fragrance will help you come to the “self” you have been searching for, showing people around your manifesto without speaking.

The most famous and popular vetiver perfume is Hermès’s Terre d’Hermès.

Gray Vetiver smell strong, full of vitality, youthful, bright, love life.

Due to the woody aroma combined with citrus, the fragrance is particularly easy to use in all weather conditions, go to work – go play – go meetings are ideal.

The Tom Ford brand has launched a new male fragrance called Gray Vetiver in September 2009.

The top notes are fresh, with a blend of orange blossom, grapefruit and sage, gradually wrapped in a warm film of woody notes and vibrant middle notes.After a few hours, what remains on the skin will be the warmth of woody notes, benzoin and oakmoss.Terre’s scent is the obvious polarization of the nuances but it does not break apart, just like the subtlety associated with simplicity, modesty and power.Guerlain Vetiver was loved to such a degree that the following year, lovers of grass and flowers are still treasured and considered this is the scent of the most beautiful incense stick for men. Fat Electrician of Etat Libre d’Orange was released to the public in 2009 in its extremely popular bottle.Guerlain’s Vetiver smells of nostalgia, warm and dry like autumn leaves, subdued cigarettes, calm, cuddly, close, and … Antoine Maisondieu is the perfume designer who created the oriental wood fragrance for men.

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