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Herb began trumpet lessons at the age of eight and played at dances as a teenager.

Acquiring an early wire recorder in high school, he experimented on this crude equipment.

A 3 month pregnant model named Delores Erickson (now in her 80s) posed under a pile of shaving cream for the shoot.

Her “come hither” expression and the illusion of nudity under that cream was a turn on for adult and adolescent men and no doubt helped sales.

In fact at the height of the British Invasion and Motown the album was able to shift over 6 million copies!!!

If you’re a baby boomer, odds are your parents owned a copy; if a millennial, your grandparents.

"Tell It to the Birds" was recorded as the first release on the Alpert & Moss label Carnival Records.

" In the 1997 film Perdita Durango, the two main characters happily groove to the song while abducting two teenagers.

In an episode of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, Vic Reeves plays the song through a prosthetic arm.

Alpert and his wife, Lani Hall, are substantial philanthropists through the operation of the Herb Alpert Foundation. 1 albums and 28 albums total on the Billboard Album chart, nine Grammy Awards, fourteen platinum albums, and fifteen gold albums. Born into a family of musicians, his father, although a tailor by trade, was also a talented mandolin player.

His mother taught violin at a young age, and his older brother David was a talented young drummer.

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