Dating for blue collar man

But in order to "survive" or have decent income, I am part of my family business.It brings me a good income and allows me to have a good life here in southern California.I got my advanced art degree in an Art institute but my "career" has nothing to do with art right now.I always dreamed of being a professional competitive swimmer or professional water polo player.For what it's worth, I can beat him when we watch Jeopardy, because I know the answers to obscure facts.

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These relationships can work out quite well but I think (and this is just an impression I get), it requires some humility on your part Having a few years of college doesn't make one an intellectual that can outsmart someone on topics, especially the soft majors.Apparently he is more street-smart (ex: can tell if someone is a fake friend but isn't an intellectual; only knows basic history) while I've always been more on the bookish side and willing to learn more. Where it's the woman that has a more wealthy family than the man and a higher education level while he is a blue-collar worker?Also my family is more wealthy than J's while in my parents' case, my mother was poor while my father wasn't. He doesn't mind that I can outsmart him in books and intellectual topics and has even told me on many different occasions that he has never been in a relationship with a career-oriented woman.I have interest in still continuing further, traveling and improving in French.However, my then bf J (now ex bf but we do plan on getting back together; it's a complicated issue that's keeping us apart; something out of our control but won't go into details) never went to college and is still afraid of driving but he is a supervisor at a supermarket.

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