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You're gonna have your regular Facebook profile that all your friends and family can see, and then there's also a separate dating profile.And all that the dating profile pulls over initially is your name and your age.A person who gets included in a list will get a notification.If they both put one another in their list, they will match, and they will both be notified that they are in each other’s list.

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The only question is whether you want to take advantage of Facebook's obvious advantages in helping you find romance or not.[MUSIC] Facebook is now trying to make itself all about community.So they've redesigned the Facebook mobile app from the ground up. So let's go and inspect what is brand new in this app.Currently, it appears that it’s not available for the desktop version of Facebook, much like the top dating app Tinder, which for many years existed as mobile-only.A new Facebook Dating feature called Secret Crush was also announced at F8 2019.

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