Dating and marriage practices in usa

Girls are often married between the ages of 11 and 14, especially in rural Yemen where traditional customs are strongest.

In some parts of Yemen, girls are required to be prove their virginity by allowing family members and neighbors to examine the bedsheets for bloodstains after the wedding night.

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Yemen, a tribal society, is much more socially conservative than most other Arab and Muslim nations.

There is no custom equivalent to dating or courtship in traditional Yemeni society, and young men and women are not allowed to have any social contact with each other under most circumstances, notes the International Encyclopedia of Adolescence.

Yemenis do not usually choose their own marriage partners.

Young people who flirt with each other can be physically punished, and those become sexually involved with each other can be physically attacked or even killed by their own family members, according to Nahid Afrose Kabir, author of Young American Muslims.

Young people suspected of homosexual behavior can be kicked out of the family and in some cases killed.

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