Dating a trap

I don't know, there's a ton of little things I do, and that's the reason I went from barely catching any armadillos during the start of my career, to a near perfect capture rate now.I don't even use orange fencing like in the below photo. What should I do with the animal after I've caught it?However, through trial and error, I got really good at armadillo trapping, and now it's incredibly easy for me. Like about one out of fifty jobs results in no armadillo trapped. It will not eat any food lying on the surface, or in a cage. Most of the burrows are actually just small escape burrows, only a few feet into the ground.And I've learned how to stop accidental catches of raccoons and opossums as well. And don't forget: if you have trouble and want to hire a pro like me, someone with experience, click on this map of Professional Wildlife Removal Companies, and you'll find an expert in your town or city. At least 30 inches long, 12 inches high, ten inches wide. In fact, it's bad to try to use armadillo trap bait, because other non-target animals like raccoons, opossums, skunks, or stray cats will go for it. They do not have many large nesting and sleeping burrows, maybe just one.Make sure that the trigger pan is free of debris, and the connecting bar. I sometimes use wooden blocks to steer the animal in for the last foot or so.

I trap and remove the armadillo from your property, and relocate it 20 miles outside of the city. Armadillo Email From Reader: I finally have developed a trapping system that consistently captures armadillos, the corralling and pathway trapping was consistently yielding nothing so finally have a system for getting very consistent captures (10 in 2 weeks). I have found that armadillo trapping bait does no good.

That's right, it just bumps along the fence and the house until it wanders right into the trap! To be honest though, it's been years since I used fencing like this. I hope this armadillo trapping tips and advice guide helped you to understand the methodology of how to catch an armadillo better.

Now that I've got a keen eye as to which direction armadillos travel, what paths they use, whether a burrow is active or not, etc etc, a lot of little details, I can now just set traps right on the pathways and burrows, and catch them with no problems. You should have learned some of the main principles that took me a whole year in the field to figure out!

I focus on the burrow or fence slides, which ever is available.

Doing exit trapping that covers the trap under it is known clear, then doing entry trapping by shoving a trap into the burrow has yielded a ton of captures.

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