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Another letter similar some of my past submissions but from my husband's point of view. I got tired of the bullying comments from anonymous readers so I've disabled public comments.

***** After much discussion and even more role playing we decided that the time had come for my wife to try out a real life hot wife experience.

She stopped in the doorway to the sunroom and said, "hey hunny, you weren't supposed to wait up." "I couldn't sleep." I say. I'm a little tipsy and we're going to go upstairs to have a little more fun since our bed is available...

I hope that's ok, I've had an amazing time so far and I want to top it off with a bit more fun." "Ok, I guess," I say.

As I climb the stairs I find her blouse lying on the first landing and a black lace pushup bra on the top landing that I've never seen before.

Since my wife was more comfortable meeting someone in person instead of a "blind date" kind of atmosphere she suggested maybe trying to pick someone up locally.With that I turned to get in the car as he took the cart to go back into the store.A couple days later, bing went my wives phone as she received a text message from her new friend.After checking out and watching my wife flirt with her favorite bagger I followed closely as he pushed my wives cart through the parking lot.As he placed the last bag in our SUV I pulled one of her contact cards out of my pocket and said directly, "Here, why don't you give her a call or a text message sometime." He looked a little shocked as he reached out and took the card so I gave him a knowing nod of approval.

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