Convalidating a catholic marriage married dating in north haven connecticut

I’ve written elsewhere about not being able to take the Eucharist as a divorced and remarried woman.

January 28, the feast day of Thomas Aquinas, I celebrate my two-year anniversary of coming into full communion with the Church.

Man must feel himself called to rediscover, or even better, to realize, the spousal meaning of the body and to express in this way the interior freedom of the gift, that is, the freedom of that spiritual state and power that derive from mastery over the concupiscence of the flesh.

These words from Saint John Paul II, have for me, been at the heart of the annulment and convalidation process; healing, redemption, purity, mastery over concupiscence, a deeper understanding of the spousal meaning of the body, and a grasp of the sacramentality of marriage.

Two days later, on January 30, I celebrate our two-year convalidation anniversary.

The help of Reconciliation During the season we spent going through the annulment process, the sacrament of Reconciliation became a place of solace for me—even though I could not receive the full benefits of the sacrament. In Reconciliation we return to an eyelash-to-eyelash position with God.

From time to time I am asked interesting questions of a general kind which I give written answers to (generally by email).

If you are living together outside of marriage, go find a strong priest who is on fire for Christ and the gospel, and get help with your situation.

Catholics need keen, faithful priests to walk this road with them.

During the annulment process and the conversion journey into the Catholic Church we sought the help of priests we knew; the deacon assigned to help us was also a source of encouragement.

First, this is what the Church asks us to do; we are converts from Calvinism so embracing the Church as Christ’s authority on earth was part of our journey, and it was one of the first issues we researched when we studied the doctrines of the faith.

Second, because our marriage will be a sign of contradiction to the culture that has blossomed out of no-fault divorce, the culture that now finds itself in the post-Obergefell mishmash of marriage being whatever anyone wants and only for as long as everyone involved thinks it’s still “working” for them.

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