Clay aiken dating reed kelly

I know that disappoints some of the blowhards here, but when you're bashing my friends, it's just not funny. Come January, Clay will be back to his cruising ways- looking for area guys- many of whom are my friends. And he posts maps to show how close he is to Clay and talks about all the stores Clay goes to. I don't think Clay truly discriminates when it comes to men. In fact, Clay has hooked up with men in their 40's and 50's. Have you noticed that nobody here posts under their real name? And unlike Clay(Happy Chappy2, Skipper Magee, Ralehote, Revnoles), I'm not afraid to "lurk" the Internet using my real name."At first you posted without your name and then when nobody brought your name up, here you are."Is this a joke? Paulus also claims to have armies of spies watching every move Clay makes. The rest of us are not interested in this tired old story." John Paulus is one sick stalker, he claims he has been in touch with Reed to tell him Clay is cheating on him.

And yes, according to Clay he is a versatile top with a strong desire to perform oral sex. Let's see; they have posted my credit reports, posted water bills, posted my parents divorce records, took pictures of my mother's home, pulled up my mother and my property tax records, have taken photos of my place, have damaged my vehicle, have investigated me, have contacted my places of work, have followed my real estate license, have contacted friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives... With regard to Clay, I don't really bother with the guy. Because I live relatively close, (you know Raleigh is SUCH a big city), that must qualify me as a "stalker". I would venture to say, any Claymate that went to see Clay perform in Spamalot more than 5X and has a room in their home dedicated to Clay would fit that bill better than I. Any of you know any other celebrities you could hook Paulus up with? We all belong to that special club- Clay's "mate" club- a club that no female Clay fan will ever "enjoy". Someone needs to prove that he knows more about Aiken then anyone else. Then again, everything from Clay Aiken to his delusional, dysfunctional fans is a joke. They report back to him and he tries to twist it around, Paulus admitted he will destroy Clay's career since Clay will not acknowledge him as a past lover. Paulus also claims to have armies of spies watching every move Clay makes. Plus he really doesn't have much of one left anyway.

Whatever happened to that skinny, geeky boy in the glasses with the sweet personality and great voice who took care of retarded kids? Maybe it was because he was dating his hairdresser?

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At most, he might get a few fabulous shopping sprees for clothes, and he might get to lease an upscale condo, but he ain't getting any property or large sums of cash.He is a model for Hickey Freeman (for real) so maybe he can get Clay into some good suits.But Clay wears the pants in that relationship so to speak.'s True Hollywood Story on Clay and is saying he's going to be on a reality show next year. If he wants to keep his tenuous hold on "fame" he has to convince people he has the inside track to Clay, even if he doesn't. I agree that he used to look quite presentable during AI but now he needs to lose weight and get in shape and stop with that terrible make-up. He's quite experienced and loves to take charge- he's rather kinky. You trying getting an erection while having 9.5"x7" shoved into you with a whole room watching.I'm willing to bet that none of you have ever met Clay. As far as my porn is concerned, I didn't need Clay to do porn- anyone can do a porn. My "bf" will tell you I have NO problem in that area.

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