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This is especially critical for people sharing a sexual relationship.

What do you think will happen if the two people don’t spell out what they are and aren’t comfortable with?

Every single individual with a mind of his/her own has certain non-negotiable limitations in their life.

There is always something or the other we all refuse to allow.

A lack of trust exposes a relationship to a multitude of problems.

An external party or an unfavorable event could attack your relationship and rip it asunder with very little effort. They’ve all taught us that trust is the single most important factor in a relationship!

A healthy discussion ensues with the aim of finding a resolution that’s acceptable to both parties.

If there are massive no-go areas in a relationship, it may lead to distrust.

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It doesn’t make me angry but it does make me uncomfortable.

Effective communication can save you from a lot of needless arguments.

It can be hard to communicate feeling (especially, negative ones), but it is necessary.

A clear enunciation of the boundaries also takes the guesswork out of a relationship.

This allows you to avoid a lot of misunderstanding and rules out the need for mental Jenga- a common problem in relationships where one person expects the other to just ‘know’ their feelings.

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