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I have got a insert and select working as at the moment i have a page that shows the details on the page and then i want the user to change something then click update and then it would update the database and refresh the page with the new data.

Thanks Mike I set the field i wanted to change in the query without the parameter to 1 and it updated fine, the problem is that its not picking up my selected index properly!

NET so I would suggest you do some reading on working with data in .

NET (Data Tables, Data Sets, Data Grids, Data Adapters, Data Binding, ...

From your question, I can see that might be new to working with ADO. NET, and now getting into the depths of database interaction!This is probabaly a really easy solution, but i want a simple example of how to update a field in database?And updating the database is throwing an exception ... that states "no value given for one or more specific parameter" the code is cmd.

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