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Jackie would be fine, she said, but a baby born six weeks prematurely had only a 50/50 chance of surviving. He sat silently during the flight, staring out a window.Another passenger remembered seeing the same stricken expression on his face on November 25, 1960, when he had flown back to Washington from Palm Beach after learning that Jackie had gone into premature labor with John. and Jackie Kennedy were famously photogenic, but friends noted that it wasn’t until his last days in office that the pair began to demonstrate physical affection for one another in public and in front of the cameras.Friends say it was an unlikely event, the cruelly tragic death of their infant son Patrick, that finally brought the two closer together than they had ever been.The perfect caption would have been the observation of Kennedy’s friend Chuck Spalding that Jack and Jackie were “the two most isolated, most alone people I ever met.” It is a horrible irony of their marriage that, a little more than three months before his death, a family tragedy would dissolve some of that isolation and bring them closer together, perhaps, than they had ever been. Kennedy’s second son was born on August 7, 1963, 20 years to the day that the Navy rescued Kennedy from the group of Pacific islands where he had been marooned for five days after a Japanese destroyer rammed his torpedo boat, PT 109, slamming him against the cockpit wall and killing two crewmen.The medal that he won for “courage, endurance, and excellent leadership” and “extremely heroic conduct” during these five days, and John Hersey’s account of his heroics in became the early engines of his political career.

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“Thanks for being here,” he said in a voice so choked with emotion that Newman almost burst into tears. Walsh reported that his son, whom he and Jackie had decided to name Patrick, was suffering from “hyaline membrane disease” (now known as respiratory distress syndrome), a common ailment among premature infants in which a film covering the air sacs of the lungs hinders their ability to supply oxygen to the bloodstream.

All of which may explain why Kennedy’s friend and fellow World War II naval veteran Ben Bradlee is certain that when the president’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, hurried into the Oval Office at a.m.

on August 7, a Wednesday, to report that Jackie had gone into premature labor on Cape Cod, there was “no way in God’s earth” that he did not think, My child is being born 20 years to the day when I was rescued, a coincidence providing an additional emotional dimension to a day that would be among the most traumatic of his life.

He answered questions about his exploits with a self-deprecating, “It was involuntary, they sank my boat,” but he arranged things so that seldom a moment passed without his eyes resting on some reminder of PT 109.

When he looked across the Oval Office he saw a scale model of the boat on a shelf, and every morning he fastened his tie with a metal clasp shaped like a torpedo boat with “PT 109” stamped on its bow.

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