Bungie net player model not updating

The flipside of that trek through the horrors of Legendary, is trying speed runs and "high impact" activities.

I've certainly had fun with that, but the problem with speed runs is that there's so much to .

The Beta has been a great success for us in terms of the sheer amount of data it allowed us to gather, for matchmaking, networking, general bug-bashing and of course some gameplay elements.

As the Beta heads to the great software graveyard in the sky, it's vital to remember that things you got used to during these short few weeks, are almost certain to change.

Props I think, to Adrian Perez, but I am sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong.

Again, just a cool, thematic almost screen-savery effect, but a lovely one that fits in beautifully with our UI scheme.

Anyone with basic math skills can probably deduce that if we're going to be on shelves in September, and that it takes at least a few weeks to manufacture and ship disks, will be fairly well aware that we can only possibly have a month or two of core work to do on the game itself. Multiplayer is in a very rich state of completion - the MP guys would probably have a conniption if they read that, since they're still working brutally late hours, but the fact is that all the MP maps are pretty much complete in terms of art and geometry, and the process taking place right now is one of tuning and polish.

Followers of the Beta Saga will no doubt remember that the extension was Bungie's way of saying sorry for the initial 10-14 hour delay for Crackdown users.Letting folks customize their appearance took a lot of work, both from artists and engineers - with help from the UI design team.The process of permutation selection (as it stands right now) can be done from anywhere outside of an actual game - the lobby, the main menu and so on.Some of those changes will be subtle, nuanced, perhaps even invisible.Others will be less subtle - with shifts in game types, weapon functionality, spawn points and map details. But bluntly, most changes are going to be improvements, judging from the feedback we've seen. Find problems, eliminate them, test systems, make improvements. The final shipping multiplayer game will be better for it. Because it's an Xbox 360 disc and not a DVD, almost all of the content it contains is in hi-def (if your TV supports it). Now to clarify: Both premium editions, multimedia version of the same material, with far more art and illustration, most of which has never been seen before and won't appear anywhere else.

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