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Check this page out: About that Stony Brook show with Stalk Forest and Airplane...

My only memory is the equipment: we had a lot of rental Fender amps.

I've googled "Labor Day" and apparently it's the first Monday in September, so in 1970 that'd be 7th September, so at last that gives me the date that Joe actually joined the band and as a corollary, marks the end of Andy Winter's tenure in the band.

If Joe joined on 7 Sept with high hopes of playing a Zepp gig - actually, Joe says he was told by Albert it was going to be a "tour"!!

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Men of all different kinds, including many that you might never meet on the gay scene, converge at cruising spots – and all with the same aim in mind.

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Edgar Winter's White Trash was on the bill in their place.:( A few days later we got the telegram from Elektra....

Layby just past Yardley Hastings going towards Northampton on the left.. Also, two laybys on right:one just past Cold Brayfield and one about a mile further on.

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When Albert called me up in the middle of the night in August of '70 asking me to join the band he said "you gotta come right away because we're opening a tour for Led Zeppelin!

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