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In general, most of the dates in the Book of Mormon for the Nephite culture are very precise, enabling readers to glance at the bottom of the page to see the BC and AD dates associated with the content of the page.And when we examine Mormon’s careful attention to the calendar, we can almost feel the process he went through of examining a year’s worth of records from the Large Plates and then deciding what to include from that year in his abridged record.So what is “radiocarbon dating” that has brought about this revolution that is relatively unknown by Book of Mormon believers and that is essentially totally unknown by its critics?From a simplistic viewpoint, right up to the moment of death, all living organisms maintain a content of carbon 14 in equilibrium with that available in the atmosphere.God is the Creator of heaven and earth and all things. The word ‘Creator’ means that God made all things out of nothing.”[4]When I finally washed those two beliefs out of my belief system, I was ready to accept the dating outcomes from radiocarbon dating—at least to a point.

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Where such dating comparisons can be made, today’s correlations between Mesoamerican records of events and the Book of Mormon record of comparable events offer intriguing outcomes about the credibility of the Book of Mormon.

We might even say that the science of radiocarbon dating is still in its infancy.

However, the interesting, relevant point for today’s readers of the Book of Mormon to consider is that radiocarbon dating is responsible, in general, for bringing the archaeological and historical dates for Mesoamerican sites into positive correlations or comparisons with dates for Book of Mormon events.

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Because of the role of radiocarbon dating in today’s archaeological research, Book of Mormon believers as well as critics should consider evaluating the book’s credibility on the basis of radiocarbon dating of Mesoamerican archaeological sites and artifacts in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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