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The introductory summary of the Institute of Medicine's 2011 report, "The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People: Building a Foundation for a Better Understanding," states: "Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals experience unique health disparities.

Although the acronym LGBT is used as an umbrella term, and the health needs of this community are often grouped together, each of these letters represents a distinct population with its own health concerns.

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What are your favorite books about bisexual women of color?

Among the APA's goals is to expand psychology's role in advancing health and in decreasing health disparities.

Coming out can be particularly weird for bisexual people—huh? Here are five books about bisexual women of color that you should add to your TBR.

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Reiko is angry, and a suicide attempt causes her parents to send her to Kuramagi, in Japan.

All the chatrooms, including private messages, are intended for those considered to be an adult (which specifically means ages 18 and older).

We are not exclusively sex chat rooms but, rather, discussions can encompass just about any topic you want to talk about. Although this site does not encourage explicit content exclusively, in order to keep the demographics of the chat rooms in line, we ask that underage people stay out of the room.

The information and resources provided on this page represent an ongoing effort by the APA's Office on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity to bring together recent and ongoing policy and advocacy work in LGBT health disparity areas, and both in government agencies and the non-profit health care community to address these issues.

Our trained counselors are here to support you 24/7.

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