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Thus songs fell quickly after peaking and had shorter chart lives.In 1990, the country singles chart was the first chart to use Sound Scan and BDS.Before September 1995, singles were allowed to chart in the week they first went on sale based on airplay points alone.

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After only a few weeks, it started being quoted in record company advertisements and press releases.

As a result, in October 1987, it was now possible for the chart, incorporating sales up to close of business on Saturday, to be announced on Sunday afternoon, rather than being delayed until Tuesday as was previously the case.

In 1990, the chart came under the auspices of CIN (Chart Information Network), a syndicate including the BBC, Spotlight (publishers of Music Week), the BPI and BARD (British Association of Record Distributors).

Currently, Billboard utilizes a system called Nielsen Sound Scan to track sales of singles, albums, videos and DVDs.

Essentially, it's a system that registers sales when products are purchased from Sound Scan-enabled stores.

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