Azdg dating script

Please keep in mind that your webserver requires a My SQL database and PHP for this dating-system to run.

Your username, the address of the My SQL server, your passwort for the database, your login and password for the admin panel of the system and some more have to be filled out: This is a part of the php file "### Admin Data define(' C_ADMINL','');// Admin login define(' C_ADMINP','');// Admin password define(' C_ADMINM','[email protected]');//Admin email define(' C_ADMINLANG','default');//Admin language (By lang dir example: en) ### My SQL data define(' C_HOST','localhost');// My SQL host name (usually:localhost) define(' C_USER','user');// My SQL username define(' C_PASS','password');// My SQL password define(' C_BASE','database');// My SQL database" Example for a filled out field: define(' C_ADMINL',' Your_name');// Admin login Fill our all fields using the info from your provider. Select a directory on your server and then go on with step 3. CHMOD directory members/uploads to 777 (For user photos)" Some ftp programs offer the option to change file or directory properties on your server. (Simple view it from web as This means: enter your browser to call the install routine of the software.If you have troubles with install, please visit our forum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration Configuration may be easy changed in two files in include directory: php and php In php you can change following constants: C_URL - Web path to Az DGDating Lite directory (without (slash) / at end) C_PATH - Internal server path to Az DGDating Lite directory (without (slash) / at end) - may be asked from your hosting or may be extracted from file. C_ADMINL and C_ADMINP - Admin login and password for access in admin area. Simple write desirable language directory (example: en, de, ru or another).C_ADMINM - Admin email for feedback and some another needs. C_HOST, C_USER, C_BASE, C_PASS - My SQL data for access. Also you can change table names, but it not require.the site the background file,i amlooking for graphic fileslike that are animated about the matrix.secondly,how doi use this site php code to build a gallery dating formy site.

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