Average dating timeline ryan guzman and ashley tisdale dating

It's great to have a partner who loves and supports you and wants to spend life with you.

But what about the so-called "typical relationship timeline"? People are supposed to date, fall in love, meet the families, get engaged, get married, move in together, have babies... But what happens when your relationship doesn't line up with that timeline?

What if you have a terrible relationship with your family and never want to introduce your partner to them?

Monogamy, marriage, and family ties are all part of a so-called typical relationship timeline, but it doesn't work so well if you don't actually want those things. It's always better to march to the beat of your own drum.

We're conditioned with the idea that we're supposed to do things at and if we don't do them then (whether it's too early or too late), we ruin our chances of future success.

My husband and I got married very quickly, and by all "typical" relationship accounts, our marriage should be a disaster.

What if you don't believe in monogamy and want to have an open relationship forever?

What if you want to be with someone forever, but don't actually want to tie the knot legally?

When we think life is about partners meeting, falling in love, getting married, having babies, and living happily ever after, it keeps us tied to the idea that relationships are the most important things in life and/or that you need relationships to be happy. While love is great, of course, the truth is, true happiness comes from inside yourself, as a sole, unique, fabulous human being.

We didn't know each other at all when we got married, we are from totally different backgrounds, we had never taken a big trip together or spent a lot of time with each other's families... But here we are, having broken all the rules and happy AF every single day that we found each other and went with our passion. Don't let the idea of a "typical relationship timeline" weigh you down.

One of the biggest reasons not to strive for a "typical relationship timeline" (even though now we know that doesn't exist) is because, well, it doesn't work.

Well, the honest truth is that absolutely nothing happens!

We work ourselves up to be so stressed out about relationships needing to hit certain markers that we don't even realize those markers don't mean anything.

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