Autoupdating forms

If the preview looks correct, click Save and segment, and you’re done.If you’d like to create a group, once you’re on the list you want to group, click Manage Contacts, the Groups.Most of the time we’ll be using auto-updating segments, as new people can be added to it, if they share the same characteristics that define the segment.For example, when someone buys Chimp Essentials, they can be auto-added to a “Chimp Essentials Buyers” segment, which makes sense it’s auto-updating.What sort of information can you know about your subscribers? Static means new subscribers won’t be added to it over time, even if they share the same characteristics as others in that segment.

Let’s have a look at segments vs groups in Mailchimp, what they are, and then when it makes sense to each one.

Once you’ve added a group category and all the group names you’d like, click save.

Now you’re ready to use groups and segments on your Mailchimp list.

First, click on Lists, then the list you want to group or segment.

If you’d like to create a segment, click on Create a Segment then add in the filters you want to use and click Preview.

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