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More information about environment tags can be found here.

If you always want to use hosted files you can simplify this code from this: A fairly new option to keeping your Java Script files up to date is Lib Man.

NET Ajax, but even looking around a lot I didn't find a clean and polished solution for what should be a common task. NET Ajax extender for such a simple task, but after a few hours of Google-ing, I found a few nice articles on Ben Rush's blog, which is a very valuable source of knowledge on the internals of ASP. The only thing you need to do to refresh from javascript is to register a Button (hidden via CSS) Click event as async trigger for an Update Panal and then call the following method from your javascript method: Yes, that easy. But in my page I also had to pass a value to the Update Panel, so the button was not enough.This post describes an issue with EF’s code-first migrations, when mapping between DB’s Date Time (datetime2) and C#’s Date Time simply fails, and results in the Update-Database cmdlet failing, too.It’s more or less a prime example of a situation, where the error itself tells very little about the actual issue, and since debugging code-first migrations is kind of difficult (see the best tips for that here! I’ve encountered this error in 2 different situations.cdnjs does not include the source files for the projects.Because of this I chose unpkg instead which hosts an entire copy of each projects source files.

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