Asp conenction error when the database is updating

Entity Framework Migrations are handled from the package manager console in Visual Studio.The usage is shown in various tutorials, but I haven’t found a complete list of the commands available and their usage, so I created my own. Enables Migrations by scaffolding a migrations configuration class in the project.If the database is still incompatible with the model the additional changes required are applied as an separate automatic migration step if automatic migrations are enabled.If automatic migrations are disabled an error message is shown.If ommitted, automatic migrations will be disabled.Specifies the name of the directory that will contain migrations code files.

Specifies whether automatic migrations will be enabled in the scaffolded migrations configuration.If omitted, the default project selected in package manager console is used.Specifies the configuration file to use for named connection strings.Specifies the provider invariant name of the connection string.Specifies that the migrations configuration be overwritten when running more than once for given project.

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