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When Nurse Yoo enters the clinic he’s surprised that So Ah is already there. A very tired looking Shin Ja Ya arrived at the resort.

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If Habaek likes, he Bi Ryeom would take care of him. Moo Ra starts again with Habaek returning to the realm of the gods.

They break the kiss off and tears are flowing down So Ah’s cheeks. He took on one low pay wage job after the other until he ended up at the temple and became a priest. Even more annoyed is she that Joo Dong decided to join him. She doesn’t approach the marriage topic, but Bi Ryeom is still a concern of hers. What better way to get the woman than to spend as much time as possible with her? She holds an emergency meeting with her grandfather and So Ah’s landlord. If the resort gets relocated, they won’t have any piece of the pie. Treat me the way you used to treat me before yesterday, is So Ah’s answer.

Back in the apartment and with Bi Ryeom, Moo Ra, Habaek and Nam Soo Ri listening, Joo Dong tells them the story of his endeavors after he lost his memories. She’s annoyed that the Water God is returning every night even though he doesn’t have to. After her short emotional outbreak, Moo Ra continues to drive. Just when Habaek was to ring her bell, the lights turn off. 50% as a psychiatrist at his resort for his employees once a week, 30 % at his farm with hard labor together with him and the other 20% will be paid off by treating him for insomnia.

Your last chapter deals with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who allegedly raped a hotel maid.

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