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Topping et al 226 Kentucky Baptist Education Society v. It is proven appellee had no knowledge, when he received the note, it had been executed on Sunday by either maker. A replevin bond executed on Sunday was declared to be void, its execution being in violation of the statute which forbids "common labor" on that day. The execution of a promissory note is not complete until it is delivered to the payee, or some one for him. It is not sufficient, to avoid them, that they may have grown out of a transaction on Sunday. The weight of authority seems to be, although such con- tracts be entirely closed up on Sunday, yet, if ratified bv the parties upon a subsequent day, they are valid. 503, it was held, a deed, though signed and acknowledged on Sunday, if delivered on another day, is valid, whatever may be the effect on the acknowledg- ment, for the reason it did not take effect as a deed until after delivery. The prin- ciple is, such contracts are not tainted with any general ille- gality, but are illegal only as to the time in which tiiev are entered into.

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Negligence in railroads— failure to fence — wliat is a village.

The decision in tlie former case governs the present.

This was decided bv this court in the negative, in Turner v. before the passage of those acts, and the rights of the parties to this suit were fixed at the time of his death, and must be adjudged irrespective of those subsequent acts.

Hartford Fire Insurance Co 328 American Bible Society ads.

Illinois Central Rail- road Co 537 Byrne, Admr., ads.

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