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I have considered myself an Atheist but I never went running to the CHURCH OF SATAN or the teachings of ANTON LAVEY. I love it when fucking fools who know nothing about the topic at hand interject with absolutely idiotic comments.

I'm not saying anything about it, I'm stating a FACT. Based upon what I know about the "real" illuminati, it seems Billy would never be given an invitation to join.

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There is no denying the evil of America which was built and molded by Masons and continues to be controlled by them.For example, in an interview in 1995, Manson is asked: "Do you believe in the existence of Satan as an entity? La Veyan Satanism (also known as Liberal or Atheistic) is a religion founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor La Vey." Manson replies: "I think Satan is a word that you can use to describe your animalistic side if, as a whole, everyone's animalistic nature - I guess Satan exists in that sense - that part of everyone's personality. It's a word that represents rebellion, represents Man, represents a defiance towards society and God and the things that are forced upon us and are considered to be normal and acceptable." (An Interview with Marilyn Manson at the Capitol Ballroom, Washington, D. Although Anton Lavey’s brand of Satanism denies that Satan is an actual personal being, other Satanic groups do not have the slightest doubt that he exists. Its teachings are based on individualism, self-indulgence, and "eye for an eye" morality.He also is seen dating/handling several known Monarch slaves: Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Veronicas girl, Tila Tequila, Sasha Grey Dark Duality Twins - The Secret Life of the Veronicas you have no idea WTF I'm talking about then don't waste your time with retarded responses. Some of you who are into conspiracies might already know exactly what I'm talking about. I have no clue where Billy stands in all of this but he clearly knows what is going on.Check out the links above as they are actually relevant. Also here's a great video series for anyone who is truly interested: Lavey’s Satanism Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner) is a self-confessed Satanist in the First Church of Satan started by Anton Lavey (now deceased), in 1966 in, San Francisco.

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