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Besides a ton of filler nonsense, Brett’s storyline has an extra scene called Golden Bonus, in which you play as the character Danny telling women awful jokes.

Brett, like Becky, also has a number of “Bonus Scenes” which the only purpose of is to give you extra useless items for your useless item gallery.

In the first scene you start out on a ski lift with Becky, the female protagonist, and that game flat-out tells you that you’re in love with her even though you’re best friends.

In one of the earlier scenes Becky meets the modeling scout Elliot, who you can cry to about life to and become a model for or try to be friendly to and wind up as a waitress.

Now a lot of you have been asking me about the game which was "spam posted" by me, mainly for your personal entertainment, and due to increasing "demands" for the name of the game and location for downloading I am making this note to help you.

Once you have downloaded the DS Emulator, you will need the ROM to load it into the DS.

Yes, he sets the love of his life up with some model scout for an easy job then goes around playing matchmaker for himself and other characters.

Early in the game the rich snotty kid Conor will mention a romantic cruise contest, but it won’t be brought up until the last mission in which you chose between three girls; Becky, Erica, or Kiki, to take on the cruise with you.

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