Anastacia dating

Apparently, they are avoiding me, which really irritates me. Please stay far away to save your money and time!!!Dear Jackson, According to our records, the issue has been resolved by our Customer service team and the refund of credits has been already made.Dear Kane, Most of our members leave the website as they find partners.If you have any concerns about the ladies you met on Anastasia Date, please share them with us using email [email protected] It took me 48 hours to realise that it's a waster of money.This is an international platform that offers many advantages and is tweaked with a great number of features that look unique and refreshing.Anastasia Date is designed to set you in the right mood.

Today I contacted their customer support team, asking for a refund but nobody answered me.

just being curious checked the girls I was talking with a month ago - 90% of them are gone form the site.

Still I am sure is the the number one choice for those who want to find a life partner abroad.

After all, people come here in search for good vibes.

It looks like a nice place to embark on this romantic journey when you have a feeling that this experience is going to be pretty relaxed and laid-back.

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