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The liquid pigment was applied to the rock surface using the fingertip or hand or possibly sticks with frayed ends or some other type of “brush.” Very few studies of pictograph materials or rock art dating have been conducted in Nevada, although these types of analyses have been done in other parts of North America.

Petroglyphs Petroglyphs are produced by simply removing the very thin layer which covers the outer surface of rocks.

Both types of rock art are primarily made up of what might be termed “non-representational” motifs, including geometric forms such as grids, circular forms, wavy lines, dots, etc.

Such motifs are found throughout the world and form the basis of all visual traditions of art.

Pictographs are made through an additive process, where they are applied to the rock surface, and include paintings, charcoal drawings, stencils, prints.

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Most sites can not be convincingly dated from a consideration of the imagery represented and so a means of directly dating rock art by scientific methods is the subject of intense research.

The tool used to produce petroglyphs would vary depending on the type of petroglyph being made.

Thin rock flakes, like those produced during the manufacture of projectile points, can be used to make scratched or incised petroglyphs.

Pictographs Colored minerals were used to make pigments for pictographs (ocher being the most common, but also gypsum, charcoal, etc.).

These minerals were ground very finely and mixed with a wetting medium (called a binder), such as water.

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