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So not only is he paranoid, he makes you paranoid, too!

Watch his interaction with others like strangers, co-workers and even animals. We all like to think we’re right about things but most of us can willingly admit when we’ve made a mistake. Being charming is indeed something to be proud of, but when someone is too charming, it raises some red flags.

I deal with a lot of losers every day (and some normal guys too!

This is the only way to really know how you compare to other losers out there! Want to know what Princess Rene really thinks of you??

The Loser can’t bear to be alone unless he’s finished with you, so he’ll break down, plead and promise to change. He might threaten suicide, or to go back to an ex, or public humiliation. He'll hope you’ll give in, give up the activity, and be completely under his control...

He’ll read your mail, check your phone, and search through your rubbish.

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