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Almost as though to conceal this continuism, and the problems that afflict nine-tenths of society, the capital is swathed in an incredible number of national flags.Celebrations of the centenary of Albanian independence in 1912 are underway.And yet, as a journalist points out, the quality of the translations often leaves much to be desired: “Many have managed to ruin even Nobel prizewinning works…” My publisher, Arlinda Dudaj (a key figure for Italian publishers, from Mondadori to Feltrinelli) informs me that the effects of the publishing crisis are beginning to be felt here too, in the same ways and with the same merciless figures as in Italy. It is likely that few will survive the next few years, in a country whose financial crisis seems dependent above all on the financial crisis of its two largest neighbours, Italy and Greece.Among the books I buy there, the one which grabs my attention the most is the Albanian translation of by Heinrich Böll.In general though, what jumps out is that the Albanians are a people of great translators.There is no more or less well-known European or American author who has not been translated.

We are no longer the promised land, and one is hard-pushed to find an Albanian under the age of twenty-five who understands Italian – something that was unthinkable until a decade ago.

But the official flags draped on governmental buildings along the Boulevard aren’t the only ones; six or seven hang from every apartment building, almost as though it were the eve of a World Cup Final.

The book fair is held in the Palace of Congresses, in a part of the city where the urban layout has remained the same as it was under the Fascist occupation.

It’s like being in a small-scale reproduction of Rome’s EUR quarter. There are many Italian authors among the titles on sale.

These include both twentieth-century classics (Italo Calvino, Dino Buzzati, Ignazio Silone, Primo Levi…) and more recent authors (Umberto Eco, Antonio Tabucchi, Niccolò Ammaniti, Roberto Saviano, Carmine Abate, Michela Murgia…).

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