Advice guy dating single mom

My primary sitter will almost never babysit in order for me to date, and I can’t always afford the prices of sitters in my area.

I often have to work around their visitations with their dad or even their school schedule. We already have enough stress and responsibility without dating adding more.

Be considerate, and understand that sometimes dates might get derailed by family emergencies. Safety is always important, but it’s even more so for a single parent who is already shouldering enormous responsibility.

If you don’t have contraceptives on hand, don’t expect to have sex.

This means co-parenting with someone you broke up with or divorced.

We’ll play Chutes and Ladders with our kids, but we’re not going to play dating games with you. There are so many challenges for single moms to date at all.

We’re looking for adults who are capable of supporting themselves and don’t expect someone else to do it for them.

Hey, I don’t want to see my ex either, but when you’re a good parent, you actually try really hard to do what’s best for the kids.

While most people might have the good sense to think it but not say it, I’ve had this said to me directly a number of times, as if I were being paid an amazing compliment. When you open with this statement, you’ve already clarified that we aren’t even people to you; just a notch on your bedpost. If you’re willing to date someone older, be mature enough to date them for themselves without invoking this ugly term.

If you feel like you need to use it, maybe you’re not mature enough to be dating someone older than you.

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