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Born Patsy Noah has two kids with her ex-husband Fred Levine. At that time Patsy was wise enough to stay in good terms with her ex-husband and to make her sons love and respect their father. Date of birth: March 27 Michael Noah Levine is Adam’s younger brother.Patsy is a big fan of Beatles, and it was she, who inspired her son Adam to give music a chance. On May 1, 1993 Patsy married her second husband Philip S. He was educated at Professional Performing Arts School and also attended Santa Monica College.Surely, you have already read lots of stories about celebs, who missed their estranged dads in the early childhood.Although Adam Levine’s parents are divorced, he never tells any single bad word about his father.She was photographed for Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and other magazine covers.She reached her career peak as Victoria’s Secret model.Dusty Rose is the first of two (as for now) kids in Levine family. Her father made her insanely popular on the next day after her birth, having uploaded the girl’s photo to his Instagram account.

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The slim girl graced on covers of various fashion issues, about which the other models can just dream.He has been married to Behati Prinsloo since 2014, and from the very day of his wedding the world envies him. Behati comes from Namibia, but she spent her early years in South Africa, where her father was sent, following his contract duties.Behati Prinsloo is internationally popular as Victoria’s Secret angel, a supermodel and a mother of 2 cute kids. Her mother ran a bed and breakfast establishment, while her father was a church minister.“My family is close enough”, the singer told in his early interview to “The Telegraph”.By the way, positive Maroon singer is very pragmatic and self-controlled. By the way, Fred has never forgotten about his son Adam and his brother Michael.

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