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That was really the job, as I saw it and as we saw it DEADLINE: WINTERS: I remember distinctly when the German election results came in and the numbers were pretty much [what] we were sort of guessing at in the show. I don’t presume any particular powers in that sense and now that the coalition talks are really up again and they might be having another election, I mean, that I never would have foreseen.WINTERS: First of all, there was zero foresight of any of that.One of the great creative challenges of the second season was how to make the Hector character fit into things in a natural way — in a credible way.

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When all the narrative streams converged as we broke the finale we realized Berlin Station is in a serious fix with the threat of expulsion from Germany. That’s the essential question of the final episode is what do they do about the fix that they’re in?

Additionally, WINTERS: We went into the season with very open minds as to what to do with Hector regarding the situation he was in post Season 1.

How can he join the fold of the station again given his status?

There’s nothing wrong with either of those but being able to transition between those two at will, I think, is one of the ways that WINTERS: Obviously there’s been the new management with MGM and then Michael Wright taking over at Epix so I know it’s a time of great transition.

Joslyn Diaz and Epix at large have been great supporters of this show, real advocates, real supporters as have Paramount.

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